hello again…

Well this is weird… I wanted to just adapt and change my past to my future.

It now looks like I have to totally start again!

I am Tony Higginson aged 50 (just and hope I look and act younger!)

I have been actively involved in the Book World for 29 years..30 in October!
I have worked with so many fab people it’s untrue.. you could be next and massive!

I air on BBC Radio as ‘Tony the Book’ on the Late Night Live Show with Linda McDermott

It goes out 10-1 every Weekday night, I am on Mondays
but regularly go in and do Tuesdays too..
either popular demand
or the fact is I am keen to share my experiences and rejuvenate a love of books and culture.

I also host my own ‘Book Show’ on HCR 92.3fm every Sunday

and share the shows on


I also do their ‘Week End Show’ 8-10pm on Sundays
and have regular guests on air or by phone..it could be you!

I Tweet @HCRbeyondbooks
Facebook as myself Tony Higginson and www.facebook.com/beyondbooksmedia
Instagram as beyondbooksmedia

Need me?
Ring me 07914636545 or email me tonythebook@live.co.uk